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Respect, the Unity Coalition

  This conference welcomes the establishment of Respect, the Unity Coalition. The Socialist Alliance calls on all its members to support Respect, the Unity Coalition by activity and finance and to join it. (Extract from resolution passed at the Special Conference of the Socialist Alliance held on Saturday 13 March 2004.)

'Respect, the Unity Coalition, is a new political party which stands for peace, social justice, and for the principle that everyone should be protected by compassionate public provision from the cradle to the grave. Reference: 1a, 2a, 3b

'It has emerged from the greatest political demonstrations in modern history, against the illegal invasion of Iraq. Respect stands for an end to the occupation of Iraq, a stop to privatisations and a return to democratic public ownership of our essential services, a decent minimum wage, an education system that is not dependent on the ability to pay and which gives an equal chance in life to every child, as well as the preservation and enhancement of our environment.' (from Respect, the Unity Coalition website)


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