About Socialism

At its core, socialism is an ideology that encompasses a variety of economic and social systems that are defined by communal ownership of output rather than individual ownership.


Origin of Socialism

At a glance, socialism has philosophical origins at least as far back as ancient Greece. Plato had envisioned a common society in his work Republic (360 B.C.).

Rising Traction

Socialism gained traction as a response to the ever growing capitalist market. This is especially true as the Industrial Revolution brought on a greater gap in equality among laborers.

Famous Socialist Leaders in History

  • Joseph Stalin (Russia)
  • Mao Zedong (China)
  • Salvador Allende (Chile)
  • Fidel Castro (Cuba)
  • George Orwell (United Kingdom)
  • Martin Luther King (America)

Influence of Karl Marx

Marx was one of the most noteworthy supporters of socialism. In his work The Communist Manifesto he explained that society is divided into classes where certain classes control the means of production.

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