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Antiwar articles

Academic freedom: Statement by US academics

Socialists from the underground Afghan Revolutionary Labour Organisation describe their work Scottish Socialist Voice editor, Alan McCombes, in Pakistan

Three weeks into the war Labour Party of Pakistan

Afghan refugees face mass starvation, but NY Times paints rosy picture Andrew Pollack, Znet, 23 October 2001

Joint statement - Pakistani NGOs, trades unions, and community organisations 21 September 2001

UNISON NW Region: military response is not the answer

Actions in Korea Against US Bombings on Afghanistan

Rail Union RMT Supports Anti-War Demonstration

Condemn the Arrests of AIPRF Activists Delhi

India's Left parties' press statements

COSATU Statement on the US Attacks on Afghanistan

United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE)

All Japan Dockworkers Union: On Terrorism and Retaliation

A long war begins ... Some initial thoughts for American friends

Labour Party Pakistan Condemns US Attacks In Afghanistan

You can't be anti-war and out-of-jail at the same time

Trade Union Solidarity Committee, Bombay/Mumbai - Statement against the war

September Eleventh Peace Coalition launched Ottowa

Women for peace - Pakistan

Women against war - Gujurat, India

Stop the War Platform Barcelona, 28 September

Joint statement on US attacks on Afghanistan SAP-Pakistan

Three articles by Praful Bidwai

Pakistani citizens: towards a new Pakistan

Princeton University peace rally draws 400

IPC Ethics, Professionalism, and Press Council Nigeria

Nothing Has Changed Therefore Everything Must Change

The Wartime Opportunists Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

Karnataka Citizens' Initiative Against War Bangalore 29 September

A Global Movement for Global Justice Jeremy Brecher

World journalists condemn "knee-jerk censorship" in Voice of America Taliban row

Global support Nirmalangshu Mukherji, Delhi

Michael Albert interviews Noam Chomsky

29 September Protest against War and Racism Washington

The creation called Osama Shamsul Islam

Delhi vigil on 2 October

The price is worth it Edward S Herman

Humanist Association of Hong Kong

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (India)

War is not the answer Essex peace vigil

Across America tonight, Michael Moore

Fortress America Achin Vanaik

Candlelight vigil for peace Hyderabad

Will Tears Ever Stop? John Gerassi

An ordinary Pakistani's terms NB Naqvi

Memories of Quetta Mike Marqusee

Jan Roko Abhiyan Antiwar Campaign, Delhi

Message from a New Yorker

The Taliban tangle, P Radhakrishnan

Rina Saeed Khan, freelance stringer for BBC Newsnight

How can the US bomb this tragic people? Robert Fisk